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Ms. Paula Yang was the voice of the people not only requested by the former General Vang Pao to assist the SGU Veterans of America along with Dr. Charlie Waters and William Dietzel in representing all the Hmong Veterans residing in America. As thousands of his veterans were never recognized by America even though they were the Hmong SGU (secret guerrilla unit) soldiers that American former CIA Col. William (Bill) Lair along with General Vang Pao recruited to serve America to defend /protect and rescue downed pilots during the Vietnam War. Through the efforts with Dr. Charlie Waters and Ms. Paula Yang work closely with Congressman Jim Costa on a Bill to allow an honorable burial for these SGU Hmong Veterans. This Bill is yet to be passed.

As a Hmong woman in a culture, view woman are viewed as second class; rose to the occasion when the U.S. Government falsely accused their leader, the late General Vang Pao and 12 other prominent male leaders of overthrowing the Country of Laos in 2007. Proudly Paula’s tenacity and courage took her to the next level protecting her veteran father, Ge Paul Yang, and the thousands of Hmong veterans and men across America. Her strength in advocacy rosed again her voice because her … national/international news of saving her people from accusation of being labeled terrorists falsely accused. Her vibrant and contagious personality rose to the occasion and led her people to protest against the U.S. government resulting in the case being dismissed in its entirety for lack of merits.

Since then, Ms. Paula Yang has been a prolific speaker across the states advocating and defending her people from injustices ranging from speaking about difficult topics to various audiences. Her compassion for the health and well-being of all children and families.

Her calling in saving many Hmong women from victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, political rallies, and lobbying for legislative change has afforded her multiple opportunities to interview individuals and groups, observe first-hand situations and research topics outside of her comfort zone. This experience has enabled her to educate indioviduals and professionals on challenging social issues of our modern time. As a cultural liaison and in partnership with local social services agencies and legislative offices in California; she has a strong background in advocacy work for Hmong veterans, domestic violence against women and children with an emphasis in lobbying for change, politically and socially. Through the use of social media and public speaking, community collaboration and awareness has increased in our community.

Promoting save our children stems from rescuing children who are victims of Domestic Violence, which in the Hmong community rises to the extreme of which both parents are dead from murder suicides, as well as the Dylan Yang case where a young boy was defending himself against school bullies.

Her education includes: B.A. Business Administration/Marketing, and an A.A. Legal Studies Central California College of Law.

Her current profession as a News Anchor woman with past profession as a News Anchor on the talk show “Your Voice with Paula Yang” with HmongUSATV 31.9 of Fresno and current profession as News Anchor for the Hmong Channel 16.5. This is the culmination of expertise, research, public outreach and training she has acquired through a lifetime of social activism.

Her other public speaking experience included traveling with the former General Vang Pao, a legendary leader of the Hmong people across the country speaking out on ending DV and prevention of DV and Murder Suicide Homicide in the Hmong Community. Advocated for the Mendez family due to hit and run drunk driving.


Recipient of Award/Recognition from the City of Merced Police Dept. by the Chief

City Citizen's Award –Advocacy; Public speaking of Master's Ceremony

National Activist/Advocate for Injustice Cased in the Hmong Community

Chairperson in coordinating the Miss Hmong New Year for 1994 through 1997

Served as Commissioner for the City of Fresno on Human Relations Committee

Served as board member for the City of Fresno City Mayor 's committee for grants

Spokesperson/Personal Interpreter for the great General Vang Pao, leader of the Hmong People from Laos

Advocate Hmong Veterans and Widows of Hmong Veterans & Children of War

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